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historieShipyard De Schroef was founded in 1918 under the name “Machinefabriek De Schroef” in Terneuzen. The company was relocated to Sas van Gent, its current location, in 1964. Because of the ideal location alongside the canal Ghent-Terneuzen and ongoing investment in expertise, facilities and customer relations, the company has kept on growing.

In 1964 the shipyard’s facilities consisted of a repair quay and two slipways. Although in 1973 the capacity of one of the slipways was already increased, in 1980 it was decided the company would be better off with one large slipway which was built at that time. Since then, further investment in the slipway has lead to its current capacity to accommodate vessels with lengths up to 125 meters and 12 meters beam.

In 1985, the yard’s first floating dry dock was taken into service. Since then, the yard has kept on investing in its facilities and took delivery of two floating dry docks in 2001. Currently 3 floating dry docks are in use at the yard, the largest of them being 162 meters in length and having an inner wall beam of 22 meters. The lifting capacity of this largest dry dock is 8,000 tons and it can accommodate vessels up to 8 meters in draft above the keel blocks.


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